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‘Summer Madness’ 2021 campaign

As the day and its elements in their most pure essence wake up, riders everywhere get their gear and body together. Transforming to meet those elements while pushing the pedals, the sun will shine hard and if a sweat tear drops, its magic will get caught in the softness of shade. A constant battle of opposites dancing with each other on the tight rope of the day, hours and minutes passing. Our brief, completed in testing times of the pandemic, lead us to the wonderful island of Gran Canaria. We delivered a beautifully aesthetic object of moving images that could be an interpretation of what freedom and happiness on two wheels powered by humanity could be at its paroxysm of simplicity.

“Summer Madness” filmed on location in Gran Canaria (during Covid-19 restrictions) with Dimitri Coste.
Screenshot 2021-04-12 at 10.55.57