the Best

ashmei’s pursuit

  • Brand Consultancy
  • Content Production
  • Creative Direction
  • Product Consultancy
  • Strategic Partner


Since 2011 ashmei’s mission is to develop performance sportswear using only the very best quality and performance materials available. They achieve this by creating product purely based on this statement rather than looking at target retail price points and only worry about this when they are completely satisfied if the product cannot be improved further. McFaul+Day approach the brand message in exactly the same way.

“It’s imperative we work with people who simply ‘get us’. We need resources who have a massive talent and industry knowledge but really understand our brand, product and the concept we live by. Working with McFaul+Day is seamless because they simply ‘get it’ and ‘got it’ from the minute we met. They are brand guys, storytellers, communicators who are incredibly passionate about the value of our brand. They know what our customers expect and always look to ‘over deliver’ by wanting to creating something fresh and innovative rather than simply looking at our nearest competitors for influence.”

– Stuart Brooke / Founder and CEO / ashmei